Professional Healing for a Pain-Free Life

If you’ve been struggling with the painful aftermath of an accident or injury, you don’t have to live with the pain any longer. At South Florida Spine & Joint Center, an experienced chiropractor can restore your full mobility and eliminate the pain associated with skeletal misalignments. Our chiropractic services in Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie county, involve an individualized program of adjustments, stretches, and exercises to reset your skeleton to its proper positioning.

South Florida Spine & Joint Center has served the Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie county area since 2001. We have over two decades of experience providing chiropractic services to clients, which means you can trust us to know the best treatments for your spinal problems. When you need a chiropractor, make your first call to South Florida Spine & Joint Center.

Custom Treatment Process

Rest assured that you aren’t getting the same treatment as everyone else around you. Every patient is different, which is why we base your treatment plan off of your unique circumstances. We first take X-rays and conduct a full physical exam to assess the severity of your pain and diagnose the source of it. Then, we work with you to come up with a care plan that is perfect for your situation.

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Treatment Evaluation

Once agreed upon, we will immediately get to work on your recovery. Your treatment plan might include a mix of skeletal adjustments, physical therapies, and soft tissue therapies. Everyone reacts differently to treatments, which is why we will evaluate your progress frequently and determine whether we need to make changes to your treatment plan.

Chiropractic Benefits

Spinal alignment is important for your overall health, and chiropractic services can have added benefits in your everyday life. Improved mobility, increased energy, and relief from pain are benefits you can experience. Chiropractic care can also help women’s bodies adjust to pregnancy. When you come to our chiropractor, you can count on leaving feeling better than you did when you arrived.

Conditions We Can Treat

At our clinic, we specialize in relieving back pain, neck pain, pain associated with headaches, and much more. We care for patients who struggle with many different musculoskeletal injuries, whether those injuries are due to bad habits, improper diet and nutrition, occupational hazards, or have resulted from a traumatic injury. Consult with us to determine whether chiropractic treatment is right for you.

Chiropractic Office In Palm Beach Gardens

South Florida Spine And Joint performs top-notch chiropractic work out of their office in Palm Beach Gardens. You can trust our in-house, certified chiropractors to handle any pain issues you may have through second-to-none chiropractic adjustments.