Spinal misalignment is never fun to deal with and the longer you wait to have it treated the worse it can become. If you suffer from horrible back pain don’t hesitate to consult the professionals at South Florida Spine & Joint Center. A chiropractor in our Palm Beach Gardens facility can provide you the medical treatment you deserve. We have serviced Plam Beach County since 2001, making us one of the most established chiropractors to exist in South Florida. Our service is guaranteed to get you back on track and live a pain-free lifestyle.

Why Chiropractic Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens?

Spinal alignment contributes to your overall health. When you hire a chiropractor at our Palm Beach Gardens facility, you’re actually adding benefits to your everyday lifestyle. Aside from pain relief, you’ll have improved mobility and increased energy. If you happen to be pregnant, our service can help you adjust your body to avoid pain. Through regular visits, your chiropractor can help you feel better than when you arrived.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Sessions in Palm Beach Gardens

Our knowledgeable physical therapy staff offers affordable walk-in adjustments when you need a spinal alignment. You’ll be in and out of our facility when your chiropractor and other staff have serviced you. We provide physical therapy for:

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Our Treatment Approach

For auto accidents and slip-and-fall injuries, we decide treatment options through our three-step approach. First, we determine where the problem originates by using a combination of diagnostic tools and conversation. We will always consult with you first to fully understand the pain you’re suffering from. Once established, a pain relief and management approach are designed that is specific to your condition. Finally, a plan is created to grant you long-term, pain-free movement after therapy.

Long-Term Freedom

Our ultimate goal is to make sure you achieve long-term freedom from pain. At the end of each session, we discuss your progress and objectives we’ve reached. You might be assigned stretching and joint exercises to speed up and maintain your progress at home. Through these regenerative and preventative measures, we improve your recovery after injuries caused by a slip-and-fall, work, or a car accident.


Dr. Bruce Olser (right) became a chiropractor when he graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1993. His drive to become a medical professional derives from his passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Dr. Olser ensures patients are treated based on their own needs. His innovation in treatment by utilizing some of the newest technology in practice has made a significant difference in people’s lives. He currently has offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Delray, and Port Saint Lucie.


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