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Fast Track Your Recovery

Fast Track Your Recovery

Car accidents and other traumatic incidents can change your life, especially if there were serious injuries. It’s easy to feel hopeless after a car accident leaves you with chronic pain, but through the assistance of South Florida Spine & Joint Center, you can heal quickly and reclaim your life. We are the leading chiropractic recovery clinic in West Palm Beach, FL, and we’re dedicated to helping you live a pain-free life.

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Feel Good About Your Body

Feel Good About Your Body

South Florida Spine & Joint’s practice specializes not only in car accident recovery chiropractic services, but we also excel in body sculpting and nutritional guidance. We take your recovery a step further by teaching you how to care for all your nutritional needs, which plays a factor to your post-accident pain management. If you’re interested in physical therapy or body sculpting services, our chiropractic experts are here to help you look and feel great.

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Body Sculpting Services

Body Sculpting Services

Dr. Bruce Osler, our primary practitioner, has recently begun to offer body sculpting in Palm Beach County. This is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure to help maximize fat reduction in key target areas such as your waistline, chest, face, and more. Our clinic has a history of successfully helping you achieve your dream body with this procedure. Consult with us to see if body sculpting is right for you.

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Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy services for federal workers

South Florida Spine & Joint Center employs a knowledgeable on-site physical therapy staff to assist with your recovery. Dealing with a federal workers compensation injury can be a frustrating process. Adding to the frustration is the complicated claims process. Our on-site case specialists will help you navigate your federal workers compensation experience with excellent injury care, expect case management, and continued advocacy throughout the whole process.

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We use a three-step approach to deciding treatment options for auto accident and slip-and-fall injuries. First is determining where the problem is originating. We use a combination of diagnostic tools and good old-fashioned conversation to fully understand the source of your pain. Once the problem is clear, we design a pain relief and management approach that is specific to your condition. The final step is to create a plan that will give you long-term, pain-free movement long after therapy treatments.


Save Today! We Offer Cash Memberships

At South Florida Spine & Joint Center, we offer our clients cash membership plan so you don’t have to worry about paying every visit. Our rates are cheaper than insurance, meaning that although you might be paying half the price, you’re still getting all the skill!



At Palm Beach Body Sculpting, we provide innovative skin stimulation treatment for cellulite, fat, and wrinkles using the patented Ico|ONEe device that utilizes a two-hand massage technology that stimulates the skin. The micro-holes on the surface of the RoboDerm microstimulator device helps to promote skin regeneration and body benefits including:

  • Skin Firming
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Treatment of Cellulite
  • Deep fat Tissue Reduction

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The Ico|ONE device offers a non-invasive, skin stimulating treatment, based on a scientific approach to targeting the adipose tissue or fat within the body. The Ico|ONE Machine uses an exclusive combination of patented mechanical action to treat the entire body for overall wellness and dual-wavelength laser energy to target localized fat in order to shape the body, fight cellulite and improve skin texture. The system’s patented RoboDerm technology employs handpieces designed with arrays of micro-holes on the surface that stimulate the micro-vacuoles which are located in the connective tissue, deep within fat cells.

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I, Theresa Thirbenny would like to thank the doctors and the entire staff for the great work they do at South Florida Spine and Joint Center. I especially want to thank them for how well they work with me. I healed so fast! The courtesy and respect they gave me as well as others, I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs help.

Theresa Thirbenny, West Palm Beach, FL

I, Ola Tucker, would like to thank the staff at South Florida Spine and Joint Center for the outstanding work that they do. The staff made me feel very comfortable and when needed, went above and beyond what I expected. The doctor that treated me, took the time to explain my injuries and what he was going to do to make me feel better. The therapist also took whatever time needed to see how I was feeling and focused on helping me to feel better. They were extremely polite and professional. For anyone that is looking for great care, I would recommend this office to anyone that is hurt or just needs general care.

Ola Tucker, Delray Beach, FL

Since coming to South Florida Spine & Joint Center, I have been feeling much better. The staff has been very nice and the doctor is great. I would recommend anyone to the office for treatment.

Mary Tucker, West Palm Beach, FL

When I arrived to this office I had no idea the things I was about to conquer. The office made me feel as if it was all about me. I came in with a partial tear in the ACL in my knee. After a few months of physical therapy I would not have imagined I wouldve come this far. My knee is totally healed. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight from working out during my visits to this office. To my surprise my doctor is now starting to take me off high blood pressure medication due to the working out at the office. The staff is wonderful. There have been times I have had questions after hours and the receptionist (Angie) was always there to answer my questions. My physical therapist (Ana) worked with me all the way through the end. There was never a time when Dr. Bruce walked past me and saw me working out incorrectly and didnt correct me at that moment. This office treats me as family. I would recommend everyone in need of therapy to this office.

Tony Ayers, Delray Beach, FL